Infant Care

6 Weeks – 18 Months

Our day nursery focuses on the natural curiosity and energy of very young children. ABC Childcare & Learning Center provides your infant with lots of attention, a variety of age appropriate activities, and abundant conversation and nurturing so your infant’s world is fun, interesting, safe, and loving.  Your infant will be with his or her caregiver in one of our special center areas where he or she will experience an array of experiences specially designed to meet your infant’s needs.

ABC Childcare & Learning Center infant program provides an enriching environment designed to enhance infant’s development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace.  At ABC Childcare & Learning Center, we surround infants with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors, and soft toys to stimulate exploration.  Our safe, age appropriate equipment, and soft, cuddly toys are designed to meet each infant’s special developmental needs.  Our qualified caregivers talk to infants, hold them and rock them to encourage their overall development.  Our experienced caregivers work to form a basic trust.  They show each infant that his or her needs will be met and that this is truly a wonderful new world with all sorts of pheasant experiences.  Once infants learn to trust, they will respond openly and securely to new things, acquaintances, and challenges.

Our Classrooms Have The Following Activity Centers:

Sleep Area

This is an area of the classroom where infants sleep.  Because infants are all on different schedules, this activity center is used throughout the day for sleeping infants only.

Feeding Area

This is an area where food is stored and prepared and babies are fed.

Movement Area

This is an area that infants can practice their motor skills such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, climbing, and eventually walking.

Curiosity Area

This is an area that infants are given opportunity for multi-sensory play.  Infants can begin to explore different materials and begin to understand them.

Communication Area

This is an area that facilitates parent / caregiver communication and the transfer of information among caregivers.

Diapering Area

This is an area where diapers are changed and extra clothing and materials are stored.  It also offers wonderful opportunities to interact individually with babies.

Outdoor Play Area

This is an outside area designed to provide a safe and interesting place for infants to be outside when weather conditions are appropriate.

Comfort Area

This is a soft and cozy place that provides a sense of security and a place to rest before infants move on to a more active center.

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